Great Lakes Bay Regional Trails

Great Lakes Bay Regional Trails

Transforming Tomorrow Together

This is the goal of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance, formed in 2008: To create a prosperous future for our region through ongoing collaborations and innovation by Midland, Bay, and Saginaw counties.

Among the key quality of life initiatives adopted by the alliance is the development of a region-wide, non-motorized trail system, linking the existing trails in the three counties.  The Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail Committee was formed to spearhead this effort.

Once completed, the Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail will be close to a 100-mile system that will give walkers, runners, riders, and skaters access to a multitude of destinations throughout the region -- including natural areas, parks, recreational facilities and beautiful landscapes.

Connecting our trails will provide our region with environmental, economic, and recreational benefits as well as new opportunities to improve our health/quality of life and increase our community and regional collaboration.

And because the State of Michigan is also strongly promoting the linkage of trails within our beautiful peninsulas, state funding will play an important role in making the Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail a reality. You can too!

Connecting the trails in our region is a long-term, collective effort that can truly transform the way we travel, interact, recreate, and relax in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

It's a big step on the path to our prosperous future. Let's take it together!